A Tradition of Excellence with a Vision for Tomorrow.
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JPSF Giving Circle Donors Fund Educational Programs for 2016-2017
October 26, 2016
Every member of the Jenks community believes in the students and teachers of Jenks Public Schools. The educational experiences and programs offered throughout the JPS district have a life-changing impact, which is why now, more than ever, community support is needed to bridge the gap between state ...
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Tulsa World: Summer Fundraising Effort For Tulsa-Area Schools Nearing $4M Goal
August 5, 2016
JPS summer fundraising efforts are making a HUGE difference in the push to raise $4 million for Tulsa-area public schools for the 2016 school year. In a recent Tulsa World article, JPSF Executive Director Elizabeth Inbody describes how the Trojan 20 campaign resulted in an incredible community ...

5th grade students will attend Junior Achievement's Biztown to learn how a city operates
Funding provided to install STEM Learning labs at Jenks Middle School and Jenks East Intermediate
Guests attended the Foundation's annual dinner with auction proceeds of $200,000

We Are Thankful For Our Generous Donors
All Past Winners
Vision Of Excellence Award Recipients – Alpha Order
Abshire George MS 1994, 1996
Acosta Jimmye Facilities Management 2000
Adams Benetta Transportation 2015
Ahner Donna EI 1996
Alexander Carolyn HS 2006
Allcorn Barbara Comm Ed 2008
Allen Jeannie WI 2010
Allison Andy Central MS 1998
Anderson Kathy EI 2002
Anderson Tara EE 2008
Andrews Meredith SE 2012
Andrus Abbie SE 2009
Arledge Deb MS 2013
Armstrong Myers Karyn WI 2004
Baker Jim HS 1995
Barker Malissa WI 2002, 2009
Barton Nancy HS 2004
Behl Marcia HS 1998
Bejeck Billy IT 2012
Berenger Jesse Campus Police 2016
Berkinshaw Amy SE 2012
Bess Rachel SE 1996
Bizzell Jim East MS 1998
Blackshare Jennifer MS 2011
Blake Julie Central Elementary 2002
Bonnichsen Rene HS 2005
Bowlin Jaime WI 2006
Bowling Alice Comm Ed 2001
Bradshaw Jennifer EE 2005
Braggs III Willie Communications 2015
Brannon La Donna FA 2004
Branson Barry Facilities Management 2001
Brown Jinafer HS 2008
Brown Nick HS 2004
Brownell Teri SE 2014
Brugger Kim EE 2014
Bubert Andrea EI 2016
Burk Beverly SE 2014
Burleson Cathy SE 2016
Burnham Debbie WE 2007
Burns Karen ESC 2014
Burns Laura Central Elementary 1997
Burns Tommy Athletics 2013
Buthod Don FA 2008
Butters Diane EE 2010
Cantwell Carolyn WE 2006
Carney Lynelle WE 2011
Carney Mike HS 1994
Casey Lois Child Nutrition 2011
Causey Vicky MS 2000
Chastain Jack FA 2004
Chastain Marsha HS 2011
Clark Bonney Central MS 1996
Clinger Cathy EI 2007
Cobb Bill Transportation 2007
Cochran Marsha Transportation 1998
Coffelt Nancy EE 1999
Coll-Gallup Cheryl HS 2005
Connelly Blake HS 2013
Connelly Courtney HS 2011
Cook Jana Comm Ed 2010
Cook Wilma EE 1996
Cooper Denise Comm Ed 1998
Cooper Glenna Custodian 1999
Cornell Cyndee HS 2001
Coursey Talli Administration 2005
Crabb Stephanie SE 2007
Craig Randy Facilities Management 2016
Cronk Susan SE 2000
Crosslin Mary Transportation 1997
Curran Mickey MS 2016
Curry Caroline WE 2010
Cyrus Suzanne WE 2012
Darrington-Stokes Nia Comm Ed 2003
Daves Jennifer EE 1999
Davis Shannon WI 2012
Day Karol SE 1994
den Daas Judy East MS 1998
Dismukes Barbara Student Programs 2009
Ditolla Nick HS 2004
Downey Larry HS 2003
Driggars Glen FA 2004
DuPont Pam EI 2009
Eaton Jan MS 2014
Eckert Charles Facilities Management 2000
Eland Cindy WE 1999
Elias Elizabeth MS 2016
Elmore Barbara Warehouse 2002
Estrem Lori WI 2008
Evans Jean SE 2003
Ezell Dana FA 2002
Felty Sharon EE 2006
Fienning Brenda HS 1998
Fischer Carrie Central 1999
Fishback Kristin WI 2010
Fisher Bill HS 2001
Fitzgerald Judy EE 2003
Ford-Butterfield Stacey EE 1997
Foutch Linda EE 1996
Fox Eric HS 2001, 2003
Fraley Joy HS 2015
Francis Robi WE 2009
Frie Diane WI 2015
Fuller Rita Comm Ed 1998
Gallagher Rachel EE 1994
Gallimore Sue Transportation 2013
Gann Linda EE 1997
Gelfand Avi EI 2014
Gentis Gayle WE 1995
Gill Debbie HS 2015
Gillean Alicia WI 2011
Gise Penny Child Nutrition 1999
Glandon Shan WE 1994
Golloher Sue WI 2001
Gooding Marjorie SE 2015
Greathouse Janna Student Programs 2012
Green Lisa WE 2015
Haight Alice HS 2003
Hammarstein Beth HS 2006
Hanford Patty HS 2004
Hardesty Linda Transportation 1997
Hargrove D’Ann WI 2006
Harrington Cathy WI 1999
Hawkins Kathy Comm Ed 2014
Helm Linda AC 1997
Henderson Karen Comm Ed 2013
Henry Lonnie Transportation 1996
Henry Mary Warehouse 1998
Hersh Carol IT 2004
Hester Julie HS 2008
Hight Michelle EE 2010
Hildebrand Susan EE 2011
Hillock Scott HS 2016
Hines Charlotte Central MS 1995
Hix Brittany WI 2016
Hodge Judith SE 2006
Holt Jerry MS 2007
Hood Shirley WE 2003
Horn Mike HS 2013
Housh Kathy HS 1995
Howerton Stacey HS 2014
Hudson Amy MS 2005
Hughes Carol AC 1997
Humes Ann HS 2000
Humes Mark EE 2015
Humphrey Todd FA 2016
Hurst Kevin HS 2015
Jeffries Kelly WI 2013
Johnson Emily MS 2016
Johnson James EE 1997
Jones Dee Dee East MS 1995
Jones Herb Transportation 2002
Kasinger Eva Administration 2003
Keefe Beverly Administration 2001
Keen Bobby Facilities Management 2002
Keiser Keely WI 2005
Kilgore Marilyn MS 2008
Kittelson Kim WE 2006
Koch Carmen EE 2007
Lack John Facilities Management 2009
Lair Suzanne WE 1998
Langley Charlotte WE 1994
Lannert Ellen MS 2007
Laskey Dee HS 2011
Lawrence Lisa HS 2001
Lucia Kathy Transportation 2005
Lukeman Lauren SE 2014
Lundak Sandy EI 2011
Lundin Karen EE 2001
Lyons Alice WE 1997
Majors Sandy EE 2000
Maloy Karen Administration 2002
Manley Dan HS 2008
Marler Perry Campus Police 2011
Marshall Shala HS 2013
Martens LaVida EI 2000
Martin Laurie MS 2009
Martin Rita WI 2001
Mason Tina EE 2014
Matthews Ellen Custodian 1999
Maus Carol EI 2013
Maynard Glenda WE 2004
McArtor Mary Ann WE 1998
McCawley Pam HS 1998
McClain Kerry WI 2002
McClanahan Ron Facilities Management 2016
McConnell Georgiana East MS 1999
McCord Cheryl HS 1996, 2008
McCoy Shannon SE 1997
McDaniel Kim SE 2010
McDonel Laurie HS 2002
McGehee Mike MS 2000
McGrew Terry Facilities Management 2016
McKnight Jennifer EE 2000
Mears Gerald EI 2010
Meyer Carol East MS 1995
Miller Crystal Administration 2005
Miller Lynette WI 2009, 2010
Miller Rob East MS 1999
Miller Sarah EI 2015
Mills Melissa EE 2008
Modenbach Linda Student Programs 2008
Moeller Mary Kathryn HS 2007
Montgomery Loren WI 2004
Moody Melanie HS 2006
Morgan Tonya HS 2007
Morris Cathryn WE 2009
Morris Valerie EI 2003
Morrow Peggy EI 2015
Moskal David MS 2009
Moss Barbara WI 2013
Mullican Sue HS 2010
Mumma Karla EE 2012
Munoz Susan ESC 2013
Murphy Mary WI 2007
Musser Shelly EE 2002
Nassar Traci HS 2016
Neafus Nanette Finance 2015
Nelson Glenda MS 2011
Nemcok Ann Louise EI 2002
Nesbitt Romney WI 2012, 2014
Norvell Paula HS 2008
Novak Elaine WE 2015
Obermiller Stacey WE 2014
Ogilvie Shirley Print Shop 1996
Oliver Kathy EI 2016
Osborn Don Facilities Management 2016
Owens Cindi Construction 2013
Paliotta Robyn HS 2004
Parkhurst Linda Central Elementary 1997
Parnian Cherie FA 2010
Patel Shobha HS 2015
Peacher Lynn EE 1998
Peer Jamie ECC 2016
Perritt Darnell FA 2005
Petreikis Susan SE 2006, 2007
Pfohl Hank WI 2012
Pregler Adena Print Shop 1997
Pregler Jan Facilities Management 2000
Purdy Diane Comm Ed 2011
Quiroz Sophia EE 2013
Ramento Debra Administration 2004
Rampey Becky HS 2009
Ramsey Jan EE 2015
Ramsey Paulette HS 2003
Ramsey Sue SE 2004
Raper Joyce SE 1995
Raphael Clifton HS 2007
Risenhoover Lindy SE 2008
Ritchie Gina Ray Central Elementary 1996
Robins Donna Child Nutrition 2008
Rock Linda EI 2002
Roden Tanda East MS 1998
Rosebrook Bonnie WI 2007
Rowin Amy EI 2004
Rowland Debi FA 2012
Rubey Kathy EE 2011
Salamat Angie WI 2003
Sanders Judy HS 1996
Schepers Staci WI 2000
Schlosser Val Facilities Management 2005
Schultheis Terra WE 2005
Searcy Cathie SE 1994, 2002
Shans Chiyaki SE 2001
Sharp Mary WE 1996
Shaw Tracey WE 1994
Sheeley Barbara Ann EI 2014
Sherwin Linda EE 2006
Shotts Lisa  MS 1997
Skaggs Laurie WE 2007
Sloan Tim HS 2010
Smith Billy Facilities Management 2000
Smith Julie EE 2001
Spencer Diana HS 1994
Starr Joyce ESC 2014
Stover Emily SE 1997
Straub Beverly WE 2001
Streight Cathy FA 2001
Strozier Sandy WI 2001
Sturgell Barbara Central MS 1995
Stutsman Mary HS 2012
Sumner Michelle WE 1995
Swagerty Sharon EI 2004
Taber Carla SE 2005
Taber Shea Comm Ed 2006
Temple Shelli HS 2009, 2011
Thang Paulette EI 2016
Thibodeaux Marjie PAC/HS 2001
Thomas Catrina EI 2014
Thomason Jean East MS 1996
Timmons Angela Grace Living Center 2005
Tissue Cindy EE 1997
Totty Teresa WI 2009
Trammell Brenda MS 1999, 2000
Treat Kim WI 2010
Turner Brenda EE 2012
Vanderlip Nancy East MS 1996
Vargus Victoria MS 2016
Vassiliou Wendi FA 2010
Villarreal Sarah EI 2015
Vincent Cathy Transportation 1997
Vineyard Rick Facilities Management 2005
Vratil Sara WE 2009
Wade Terry HS 1995
Waggoner Dana HS 2005
Wale Rebbie EI 2005
Ward-Franey Alice HS 1997
Wasson Steve Print Shop 2009
Weatherholt Pam EE 2000
Weed Candice WI 2004
Weis Lisa WE 2002
Widener Moriah WI 2016
Williamson Evelyn HS 2006
Wilmott Rene Construction 2008
Wilson Brenda WI 2005
Wilson Lindsay EI 2008
Wofford Sara EI 2011
Wollenschlager Jan Comm Ed 1999
Wood Julia WE 2003
Wood Patty SE 1997
Woodard Julie WE 2012
Wortham Julie Administration 2012
Wright Ann Marie HS 2002
Wright Liz HS 2013
Wright Roger HS 1994
Yarborough Berly Child Nutrition 2006
Yockers Bryan HS 2008
Zahrt Robin EI 2007
Zemanek Heather EE 2006
SE Team Carter/McCoy SE 1998
SE Team Dotson/Schepers SE 1998
SE Team Labanne/Raper SE 1998


2016: Brooks Phipps

Brooks Phipps

Sanjay Meshri, Advance Research Chemicals

Sanjay Meshri is the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Advance Research Chemicals, a Catoosa-based, family-owned business that provides customer focused solutions to basic and advanced chemical applications. Owing to Sanjay’s background in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, he is fully engaged in and committed to the Jenks Public Schools Foundation mission to establish STEM Learning Labs in every site throughout the District. In order to help us achieve this goal, Sanjay recently made a $50,000 donation on behalf of Advance Research Chemicals to fund our STEM Learning Labs. The incredible support shown by people like Sanjay and companies like Advance Research Chemicals will have a lasting impact as we move forward with our mission to further STEM education in Jenks Public Schools.

Danny & Stephanie Christner

Danny and Stephanie Christner have impacted the Jenks community in countless ways over the years. The Jenks Public Schools Foundation (and the District as a whole) would not be what it is today without the support of people like Danny and Stephanie. In addition to Danny’s role as President of the Jenks Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors and the Christner’s historic donation to the Hands On Initiative, Danny and Stephanie recently made a $500,000 donation to fund the installation of STEM Learning Labs at Jenks East Intermediate and West Intermediate sites. Danny and Stephanie look forward to continuing their involvement in the efforts of the Jenks Public Schools Foundation and are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community they call home. We are sincerely grateful for the Christners as well!

Geronimo Productions, LLC

Geronimo Productions, LLC brought the Jenks Public Schools Foundation to life by producing two stunning video projects for our organization. These included a video about the Foundation, as well as the introduction videos shown at the JPSF annual fundraiser. We are incredibly grateful to Geronimo Productions for their hard work on behalf of the Foundation and these videos will stand as testament to their support for years to come! Click Here to view the videos.

Geronimo Productions is a full service HD production company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While Geronimo has built its brand on cutting edge, out of the box cowboy programming, there is nothing GP can’t accomplish for its clients. Live production, commercials, taped event coverage corporate video production – Geronimo Productions takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.


The wonderful website you are currently experiencing was generously designed and implemented by FreeForm Agency. FreeForm is an award-winning design and marketing firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. We are thrilled with our new website and the overwhelming support FreeForm has shown for the Jenks Public Schools Foundation and community!

2015: Madi Medders

Madi Medders

2014: Allyson Blackshare


2013: Jaqueline Smith


2012: Molly Ellison